Born in California and having lived in Massachusetts, Texas, Connecticut, and Minnesota before settling in Indiana after college, Annie developed a passion for real estate at a young age. Her love of Indianapolis was fueled by her exposure to its many wonderful neighborhoods, many of which she has called home along the way. Having lived in Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington, Meridian Hills, and a Historic home in the heart of Indy’s Downtown, her knowledge of the City and its real estate market are a tremendous asset to the clients she so dearly values. As possibly the most outgoing person you’ve ever met, Annie realized that connecting people and their lifestyles to the City’s many wonderful opportunities was her true calling in life. That realization led to her decision to join the team at Everhart Studio, who she knows from firsthand experience to be the industry leader.
     The number of homes Annie has enjoyed also give her a unique ability to understand the details that make a transaction successful. She has overseen nearly every aspect of the Real Estate industry from purchase of homes at auction to the renovation, staging, and sale of finished projects. Annie is excited to be a member of the preeminent firm in Indianapolis and looks forward to the many partnerships it will yield. Annie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana University in Social and behavioral development. She loves spending her free time with her daughter Charlotte and husband Roger and whatever adventures they may encounter. Annie understands the relocation process like no other, especially from your children’s point of view.

Annie Hanas